Rummage Sale

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Chair:  Monica Juenger

Timing:  May 18

As they say, “One person’s trash is another’s treasure.”  Well trash may be a little strong, but you get the idea.  This renowned sale is held every other year and is a great fundraiser for us.  Interested in helping out with this fundraiser, please contact the Committee Chair listed above using The Caller, our school directory.

2018 Rummage Sale Details

Rummage Sale Drop Off & Work Times

  • When:
  • Where: St. Catharine Gymnasium
  • Items We WantAnything but clothing, old televisions, old computer equipment, and large furniture
  • When/Where to Bring My Stuff:
  • Want to help out? Here is a list of shifts

 If interested in volunteering, contact Monica Juenger, 614.206.0105 or

St. Catharine School