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St. Catharine Spanish classes practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish. We also explore Hispanic culture, including music, geography, traditions, and saints.


Dia de los Muertos

Grades 4-8
Students in grades 4-8 use the Así se dice textbook. We explore Catholic prayers, family, school, home, food, and sports vocabulary, as well as -er, -ir, and -ar verbs. There are several homework assignments each week, including Duolingo online, and a short weekly quiz.

Grade 3
Grade 3 begins every class with the sign of the cross in Spanish and a song for the Child Jesus, Jesusito. Students learn about Saints from Latin America or Spain, and work on themed units like greetings, colors, animals, or classroom commands for the first half of the year. Grade 3 begins using the Así se dice textbook in January when they may also have light homework and take practice quizzes.

Grades K-2
Through songs, stories, and creative work, students in Kindergarten through grade 2 explore Spanish in themed units: greetings, colors, animals, numbers, foods, clothing, etc. We pay special attention to vocabulary that will come up later in the upper grades. They begin every class with the sign of the cross and a song to the child Jesus, Jesusito.

Helpful links:

Class Websitestcspanish.weebly.com – You can find out what we’ve been doing in class, look up vocabulary, and print homework.

Homework Page: This page gives an overview of homework expectations as well as a link to the class website.

Duolingo:  Students in grades 5-8 have assignments each week.

Online translators are not allowed in Spanish class. Students who use a translator will have to repeat the assignment. There is a list of vocabulary with translation, by chapter, on our class website. I will occasionally allow students to use an online Spanish dictionary to look up a word, but not to translate sentences. Spanish Dict can be useful in those instances: SpanishDict.com