Tutoring Resources

856C2206Below is a list of tutor information for parents interested in additional academic help outside the school day.  Through the St. Catharine School SPICE (Special People in Catholic Education) program, the school is able to “offset” a portion of tutoring costs.  Parents that are interested in a tutor are welcome to use the following suggested list.  This list is not definitive and certainly other tutors are acceptable.  If interested in receiving assistance with tutoring costs, please complete a SPICE Tutor Request form by contacting the school at 614.235.1396.

Private Tutoring

Dan Ennis (math) 614.264.6075
Karen Grogg 614.235.1396
Jon Lindsey 614.477.9133
Emily Longstreth Patterson  (K-4) 614.266.0426
Chris Melville (math) 614.237.7493
Janice Roth  614.231.1441
Beth Offenburg Sauer (math) 614.237.9037
Ann Schlichter 614.486.6141
Mary Jo Vogeler 614.252.4608
Rayna Weiner 919.673.8337 columbustutoringservices.com
Helen Katharine Zolg 614.237.8131
Tutoring in Your Home, LLC 614.428.8867 www.TutoringinYourHome.com





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