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Mon.) Sp. Review Unit = study all week. Math Sheet (no carrying, carrying to 10’2, carrying to 100’s); Dear Parent Note about Detective Reading. Know we will work in this area all year long.; Your child should be doing Advent activities mentioned in prior weeks. Also, he/she can be leading the dinner prayers from the Advent Wreath paper that came home.

Tues.) Half Math Sheet = (carry to tens and hundreds); Art Classroom Fiction Plan Sheet = Use to write story and do an illustration on the sheet provided. WE HAVE DONE IN CLASS.

Wed.) Math Sheet = (Carrying all mixed up)

Thurs.) Birthday Party at a Chocolate Factory Plan Sheet = Use to write a story and do an illustration on the sheet provided.   GREEN FICTION WRITING RESOURCE PACKET (tips). WE WENT OVER IN CLASS. SEE ASSIGNMENT THAT IS DUE ON TUES. OF NEXT WEEK.  (KEEP THE REST FOR PRACTICE WITH YOUR CHILD.)