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Creative Activities Program (CAP)

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Chair:  Jasmine Williams

Timing:  Three (3) Six week Sessions throughout the school year
Fall – 10/7 – 11/15
Winter – 1/27 – 3/6
Spring – 4/6 – 5/15

This program offers a number of extracurricular after school clubs. A child’s education doesn’t stop in the classroom. School sponsored after school activities can be an invaluable setting for a child’s continued personal and academic growth. Clubs provide opportunities to strengthen social skills and character through activities.

Have a special talent or specialized knowledge that could be a club?  Great!  Start a club for the next session.  If not, here are a few ideas: Scrapbooking, Jewelry Making, Photography, Knitting, Card Making, Painting, Crafts, Story Club, STEM, Rockets, Legos, Dance, Safety, & the list goes on!

Leading a club is easy & fun!  Plus, all expenses are reimbursed.

We are always in need of volunteers to help organize and lead clubs. Club leaders need to have completed Protecting God’s Children. For more information, please contact the Committee Chair listed above using The Caller, our school directory.

Visit the CAP Registration page for more information on the current session details.