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St. Catharine School Scholarship Saints

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St. Catharine School Scholarship Saints relies on annual cash gifts from the parish and surrounding community to help families in need with tuition assistance. These are unrestricted gifts that are renewable every school year and helps students from all walks of life benefit greatly from a Catholic education at St. Catharine School. Use the Scholarship Saints Giving Form to participate in this program.


A Letter from our Principal

October, 2018

Dear Friends of St. Catharine School,

Thank you for your interest in St. Catharine School.  As former alumni, families of students at St. Catharine School, grandparents, and those involved or connected to the school community, either now or in the past, I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.  We are very blessed by a strong Catholic school that provides a faith-based learning environment for all students.  In addition to helping students build their faith life and connections to their religion, we also graduate students who are well prepared for their next academic steps as evidenced by the numerous high school scholarships that our students receive.

Recently, we had three donations to a tuition assistance program.  One was a bequest from a parishioner, one was from a priest who served in our parish, and the third donation was established through the Catholic Foundation by Martha and Jerry Schindler.  These three recent donations re-affirm the importance of planning for the future of our school and their families.  We have a strong Catholic school within a strong parish community.  We are asking that you might consider contributing to a tuition assistance program that will grow and ensure that families who wish for a Catholic education will be able to access this Catholic education.

St. Catharine Parish supports St. Catharine School in the amount of approximately $450,000.  This amount in addition to parents’ tuition supports the operating costs for the school.  We continue to be grateful for this parish support!

I am asking that you might consider supporting a tuition assistance program that will ensure that this school remains viable and open to all St. Catharine families.  Please review the attached “giving” opportunities and consider a contribution to growing our tuition assistance program.

If you are grandparents, former alumni, or parishioners of the parish, we always welcome a visit!  If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call me (614-235-1396).  Thank you for your interest and prayers!


Janet L. Weisner