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2018 Dancing with the 8th Grade Stars

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March 28,2018

Every year in physical education class Mrs. Grogg includes a unit on dance for our 7th and 8th grade students.  For 6 weeks, with the help of dance instructor Ron Clark, the students learn the basics of dance.  Mr. Clark teaches many different forms of dance along with slow dancing etiquette. At the end of the unit the 8th grade presents Dancing with the 8th Grade Stars.  This year’s theme was Country.

This year’s emcees of the dance were Ethan Montoya-Salazar and Shannon McCarthy.  Seventh and Eighth Grades each did group dances prior to the competition.  The winning group, determined by Mrs. Weisner, Mrs. Knox, Mr. Magree, and Mr. Clark, was the team of Girls with Country Class, and a little bit of Sass: Emily Knox, Emily Bowman, Melanie Hoffman, Sophia Kanowsky, Katie Mackessy, Allie Page, Lauren Johnson, and Mackenzie Dewitt. They performed their dance to Our Song, by Taylor Swift.

This is always a fun experience and we can’t wait until next year!!