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Spotlight Family – The Moore Family

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Each quarter we’ll introduce a school family so they can share what they love about being a part of the St. Catharine School community. Whenever we can learn more about each other, the circle of faith and fellowship in our school grows! If you are interested in being a Spotlight Family, please email info@stcathschool.com.



The Moore Family—

Emily (8th)
Marcus (5th)
Carson (3rd)
Cameron (Pre-K)

Q: How long has your family been in the parish/school?

A: We have been part of the St. Catharine School community since Emily started kindergarten in 2008, and we joined the parish about two years before she started school. 

Q: What brought your family to St. Catharine?

A: We knew our children would receive a strong education and faith formation in the Catholic school system, so when we bought our first house, in Eastmoor, we were happy that St. Catharine’s was right down the street.

Q: This year is unique for your family because you have children spanning the school—all the way from Pre-K to 8th grade. What has been the best part of that variety?

A: The best part of having children from preschool to Grade 8 has been getting to know the teachers, parents, and students from the ENTIRE school. My kids all have friends and teammates in grades other than their own so I know families in every single grade at the school. And at least one of my children has had almost every teacher in the school so there are no “strangers” to the Moores!

Q: What are some of your family’s favorite school and parish activities?

A: Karhlton coaches our two older children’s basketball teams, and he really enjoys watching the players develop from year to year as people and athletes. Emily’s favorite activity is Middle School Youth Group. She always looks forward to both the “fun” and spiritual aspects of it, and our boys cannot wait until they are old enough to participate. I have enjoyed helping with various school and parish fundraisers—especially the Fun Fest auction—as I get to meet other parents and develop relationships with them.

Q: How has your family life benefitted from being a part of the St. Catharine community?

A: We have found that St. Catharine is truly more than a school – it is a family. In times of joy and times of sorrow or distress, we always have someone to turn to and my kids have lots of St. Catharine “homes” throughout the neighborhood where they are welcomed and loved. While the educational component of St. Catharine is definitely top notch, I know my children will someday look back on their childhood and years at St. Catharine as “the good old days.” So, if you are looking for more than just a school, look to St. Catharine’s.