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Spotlight Family – The Heil Family




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Each quarter we’ll introduce a school family so they can share what they love about being a part of the St. Catharine School community. Whenever we can learn more about each other, the circle of faith and fellowship in our school grows! If you are interested in being a Spotlight Family, please email info@stcathschool.com.


Welcome back to a new school year!! Our Spotlight Family for the Fall quarter is the Heil Family.  Aaron and Alicia have 3 daughters: Emersyn (6th grade), Graceyn (3rd grade), and Brittyn (1st grade). Last year was their first year at St. Catharine School.  Transitioning to a new school can be hard and it is always nice to get good advice from others who have gone through the process.  Thank you to the Heils for sharing their experience and welcome to all our new families!


Q. What brought you to St. Catharine School?

A. We came to St. Catharine’s School for multiple reasons.  Our oldest daughter Emersyn started playing St. Catharine’s sports in 4th grade and it really opened our eyes to another option.  We really enjoyed and appreciated the things our children were missing in school like saying the Lord’s prayer before starting each game.  The parents, the children, the coaches and everyone involved were top notch and we started to realize that we could have this experience for the girls’ school as well.  We love our St. Catharine’s community and we really wanted to extend that beyond church.  We also love the school structure of K-8 and this was another factor in making our move to St. Catharine’s School.

Q. Last year was your first year at our school, how was the experience of being a new family?

A. It was an amazing year and all 3 of the girl’s transitioned very well in to their classes.  At first it seemed overwhelming with the uniforms and what they could wear/not wear, how the pick-up line was coordinated, how lunch money was handled, but we quickly adjusted and everyone around us was extremely helpful and it made the process easier. 

Q. What have been some of your favorite activities/events?

A. We love the opening prayer on the first day of school and how the children sit with their classmates.  We really enjoyed when our girls served in school mass and it was really special to see our Kindergartener with an 8th grade buddy helping her carry the candle in.  Again, we just love the people and the families so anything social from Hot Summer Nights, to the SPICE dinner, to FunFest we have so much fun with all of it.

Q. What is some advice you can give to new families?

A. Jump in and get involved.  Get to know the other parents and it quickly feels like a family/community where you realize you have so much in common.

Q. How has your family life benefited from being a part of the St Catharine Community?

A. We have benefited immensely from being part of the St. Catharine Community.  We are so grateful for Father Dury and think he is a contributing factor to bringing us closer to the church.  By actively being more involved it has brought us closer to God.  For example, sending Emersyn to CYSC for the first time this past summer and her telling us her favorite part of camp was going to Adoration every night.  It’s easy to get caught up in life and not spend the time devoting to what really matters.  I think this past year has made us pause, reflect, and focus on our relationship with God and what it means to be present.  I also think we have grown closer as a family by spending the time with our Church Community.  We are so happy to be a part of this amazing Community that really cares about each other.