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Spotlight Family – The Quinlan Family

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Each quarter we’ll introduce a school family so they can share what they love about being a part of the St. Catharine School community. Whenever we can learn more about each other, the circle of faith and fellowship in our school grows! If you are interested in being a Spotlight Family, please email info@stcathschool.com

Every Spring we graduate another class of St. Catharine Students. In those classes, there are often the youngest of many siblings that have gone before them.  This year the Quinlan family watches their youngest walk out of St. Catharine school one last time. Mark and Cathy, along with Patrick (Class of ’09), Conor (’11), Aidan (’15), Liam (’17), and Rowan (’19), have spent 19 years at St. Catharine School.

Q. What brought your family to St Catharine School?

Neither of us grew up in Columbus, and we moved to Bexley because it has old homes and plenty of trees, was close to our jobs, and had great schools.  We became members of the parish and we became friends with wonderful families who sang the praises of St. Catharine School.  Based on this feedback, we enrolled our eldest son Patrick in kindergarten and 19 years later our fifth (and final) son Rowan is about to graduate.

Q. What are some of your favorite traditions and memories of St Catharine School?

What the music teachers have been able to pull off with the handbell choir during the Christmas pageant continues to amaze us, particularly given the non-musical nature of our household.  The clap-out of the 8th graders on their last day is great tradition that always brings tears to our eyes.

Q. What are some of your favorite school and parish activities?

We have great memories from tons of St. Catharine sports, including baseball, soccer, basketball, track and Greenwave football. Like most parents, we have a love-hate relationship with the FunFest, but the volunteer night is our most favorite.  It’s also been fun to listen to Bob Ryan tell the same jokes for the last few decades at the SPICE dinner.

Q. In what ways have you seen the school community evolve over the past 19 years?

St. Catharine School has always struck us as being incredibly technologically advanced for a parochial school of its size, and that trend has accelerated over the years.  We’ve also gone from having Bingo in a smoke-filled hall to none at all. While that’s certainly positive, the volunteer aspect required of that endeavor created a unique degree of bonding among the workers, most of whom were school parents.

Q. How has your family life benefited from being a part of the St Catharine Community?

St. Catharine has become the center of our spiritual life and, in many respects, our social life.  We and our children have made lifelong friends here.  St. Catharine was the perfect segue way to St. Charles Preparatory School, which has been a great fit for our five sons.