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Teacher/Staff Directory

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School Administration
Pastor Fr. Patrick Toner patricktoner00@gmail.com
Principal Mr. Watts mwatts1@cdeducation.org
Asst. Principal Mrs. Lombardo clombardo1@cdeducation.org
Pre-School Director Mrs. Deberson cdeberson@cdeducation.org
Dir. of Student Services Mrs. Gullett lgullett@cdeducation.org
Office Administrators
Clerk Mrs. Kropp kkropp@cdeducation.org
Secretary Mrs. Poulos spoulos@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Hughes hstebelt@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Fitzgerald gfitzgerald@cdeducation.org
Grade 1 Mrs. Hockett bhockett1@cdeducation.org
Grade 2 Mrs. Springer gspringer@cdeducation.org
Grade 3 Mrs. Chubak achubak@cdeducation.org
Grade 4 Ms. Wanamaker awanamaker@cdeducation.org
Grade 5 Mr. Gerson bgerson@cdeducation.org
Grade 6 Mr. Miglia jmiglia1@cdeducation.org
Grade 7 Mrs. Gullett lgullett@cdeducation.org
Grade 8 Ms. Logan malogan@cdeducation.org
Algebra Mrs. Borro
Art Mrs. Stewart astewart@cdeducation.org
Library Mrs. Stranges sstrange@cdeducation.org
Music Dr. Williams rwilliams@cdeducation.org
Gym Mr. Garrick bgarrick2@cdeducation.org
Spanish Mrs. Biafore lbiafore@cdeducation.org
Technology Mrs. Asencio sasencio1@cdeducation.org
Classroom Paraprofessionals
Math Aide Mrs. Everett aeverett@cdeducation.orgĀ 
1st Grade Aide Mrs. McClure ymcclure@cdeducation.org
2nd & 3rd Grade Aide Mrs. Santorsola marinQ80@gmail.com
3rd & 1st Grade Aide Ms. Williams
4th & 5th Grade Aide Mrs. McNamara
7th & 8th Grade Aide Ms. Duddleston
Religious Education Team
Catechesis of the Good Shephard Mrs. Green rgreen2@cdeducation.org
COTGS - 1st Ms. Williams
COTGS - K Mrs. Carmon tcarmon@cdeducation.org
6th Gr. Rel. Mrs. Oddi coddi@cdeducation.org
7th Gr. Rel. Mrs. Carmon tcarmon@cdeducation.org
8th Gr. Rel. Mrs. Lombardo clombardo1@cdeducation.org
Youth Group Ms. Christiana Lee christiana@stcatharine.com
Praise/ Worship Mr. Brendan O'Rourke brendan@stcatharine.com
Student Support Services
Intervention Specialist Ms. Braun
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Allen marallen@cducation.org
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Shoemaker sshoemaker@cdeducation.org
Occupational Therapy Ms. Pleshinger juliepleshinger@movetolearntherapies.com
Title I Reading Tutor Mrs. Allen mallen8@columbus.k12.oh.us
School Counselor Mrs. Alexander ashley@sopcc.org
School Counselor Mrs. Flannery maegan@sopcc.org
School Nurse Mrs. Pyper
School Nurse Mrs. O'Malley
School Psychologist Mr. Norling mnorling9866@columbus.k12.oh.us
Speech-Language Pathologist Ms. Tordoff JT@northrupslps.com
Math Aide Mrs. Schuler
School Operations
Cafeteria Manager Mr. Pritts mpritts@cdeducation.org
Cafeteria Assistant Ms. Roscoe
Facilities Director Mr. Schafhausen maintenance@stcatharine.com
Maintenance Mr. Orr morr@cdeducation.org
St. Catharine Pre-School
Preschool Mrs. Deberson cdeberson@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Abel dabel@cdeducation.org
Ms. Balawajder jbalawajder@hotmail.com
Ms. Hanna patricia.ann62@gmail.com
Ms. Love
Mrs. Plank aplank@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Ratliff mratliff@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Schlosser cschlosser@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Steinbauer lsteinbauer@cdeducation.org
Ms. Walsh mwalsh3@cdeducation.org
General Contact Info
School Enrollment Mrs. Henney info@stcathschool.com
St. Catharine Church info@stcatharine.com