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St. Catharine Playground Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the funding goal for the project?

A:  The current goal is $200,000.  We have a 10% contingency built into the budget to cover unknowns and are hopeful there will be no overages.  In addition, we are not allowed to take on any debt related to this project.

Q: What will happen to any funds donated above the amount needed for the playground?

A: Any additional funds received above the cost of the playground to be installed will go to the school for maintenance of the playground or other school needs.

Q: Where will the playground be located?

A: The playground will be located on the St. Catharine Athletic fields.

Q: Will the playground be fenced in?

A: No

Q: Are there certain hours the community will be able to access?

A: During the school year, the playground will be accessible to the community outside of school hours, which is 5:30 pm until dusk.  For the safety of the school children, the school has a duty to limit access while the school kids are on the grounds in the school’s care.  While the school is on any break – Weekends, Summer, Winter/Christmas, Spring/Easter, there are no restrictions on the community to access the playground.

Q: Will the Gaga pit still be a part of the playground?

A:  Yes, the Gaga pit will still be part of the playground, and we are looking into remedies to reduce the frequency of injury caused by play in the Gaga pit.

Q: What age is the playground rated for?

A: We looked at playground equipment from four (4) vendors, and the playground equipment from all the vendors was rated for preschool age (under 5 years old) or school age (ages 5-12).  For the new playground, we chose pieces that are rated for ages 5-12 which covers grades K-6 since the playground will primarily serve the big school.  Although rated for ages 5-12, some of the pieces will also engage the older kids, particularly the large net climber.  The plan is for the basketball hoops to still be available.  Generally, the middle school aged kids, if at recess rather than staying inside for study hall, will either choose to socialize during recess time or play games that require field or open space versus typical playground equipment.   We also plan to have things like 4-square on the blacktop so the kids will have the option to play organized games of that type as well.

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