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What Some Of Our Families Are Saying…

“We moved to St. Catharine from another school in the diocese, and it has been one the best decisions we have made for our family.  As parents of four school-aged children and one in preschool, our faith life has grown exponentially as a family primarily because of the education and faith foundation provided at St. Catharine.  We feel blessed to have found this wonderful community.”

~Ray and Mandy DeWeese, parents of:
Natalie (Class of 2019)
Cameron (Class of 2022)
Allie (Class of 2023)
Lyla (Class of 2025)
Elizabeth (Class of 2028)

“We have twins who have very different needs. St. Catharine School has gone above and beyond meeting their needs academically, socially and spiritually. We couldn’t imagine our children at any other school!”

~Brad and Christy Burchfield, parents of:
Ben and Brooke (Class of 2019)

“St. Catharine School has been a wonderful place for our seven children. Not only have they been well prepared academically to move on to Bishop Hartley High School and St. Charles Preparatory School, but they have been so beautifully nurtured toward living Christ-like lives. They have seen prayer, love, forgiveness, humility, faith and sacrifice demonstrated by the faculty, staff, other students and parents.

The tremendous parental involvement makes the school stronger and builds a wonderful community where parents and children can find support and thrive. St. Catharine School has helped us set our children off on paths toward leading Christian lives where they can develop the gifts God has given them and then use their gifts to help others. This is why we are here.”

~Jim and Peggy Mackessy, parents of:
Kelly (Class of 2003)
Megan (Class of 2005)
Michael (Class of 2007)
Molly (Class of 2009)
Danny (Class of 2011)
Emma (Class of 2014)
Katie (Class of 2018)

“Moving our family from Atlanta to Columbus, OH in the middle of the school year was a daunting task, but Mrs. Weisner, the office staff and the teachers all made the transition so easy for us. We visited other Catholic schools in the Columbus area, but when we experienced St. Catharine, we immediately knew it was the right school for our family. The close-knit parent and student communities here have been so supportive in making us feel at home. The teachers have inspired our children to work hard and to really strive to achieve their full academic potential.”

~Laura and Steve Minnich, parents of:
Bowen (Class of 2016)
Emery, Piper and Wyatt (Class of 2020)

“Our children are happy to go to school, happy when they return from school, and look forward to what the next day will bring. Not only do the teachers encourage strong academics, but also the spiritual and social aspects as well, focusing on the whole child. I will never forget the first time our oldest child, who was only three at the time, asked to lead prayer at dinner, when we, as parents, hadn’t even introduced this concept yet. It starts in preschool and continues through the entire K-8 experience, the whole child, every day.”

~David and Kerri O’Malley, parents of:
Caitlin (Class of 2019)
Erinn (Class of 2020)
Karah (Class of 2022)
Evalyn (Class of 2024)
Sean (Class of 2027)

“Sophia started at St. Catharine School during the second quarter of fifth grade. Everyone made her feel so welcome – the principal, teachers and students – that the transition was seamless. We truly feel Sophia is getting an excellent education. Her teachers care and are very attentive. Becoming part of the St. Catharine community has been a true blessing to our family, and we highly recommend this amazing school to everyone!”

~Bill and Kathleen Sterling, parents of:
Zach (St. Charles Class of 2016)
Sophia (Class of 2016)

“We have had the fortune of being a part of the St. Catharine School family for 15 years. St. Catharine School has been instrumental in helping lay the foundation of our children’s development in religion, education and life in general. Teachers and staff re-enforce the values we have at home and in our community: love, respect, responsibility, leadership and compassion. The school community welcomes students and parents as family, and we feel fortunate to be part of the St. Catharine family.”

~Patty and Tony Thivener, parents of:
Katie (Class of 2008)
Jamie (Class of 2010)
Tony (Class of 2017)