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Tuition Information & Rates

St. Catharine School works under a Cost-to-Educate Model and tuition for the 2024-2025 will be determined by mid-April 2024.

2023-24 Tuition Rates

Cost to Educate $6,951
Parishioner $6,300
Non-Parishioner $8,323

Payment Plans

  • There are two payment options available for payment of tuition, whether it is the Non-Parish Tuition or the Participating Tuition. The first payment option is to pay the amount of tuition in full so that the school or parish office receives it no later than June 5.
  • The second payment option is through the monthly tuition payment option. Saint Catharine School uses the FACTS Tuition Management as part of our payment service available to you. The FACTS fee to manage deferred tuition payments is $50.00 per family, regardless of the number of students.  Information on the program can be obtained through the school website.
  • Whether tuition is prepaid or paid through the Monthly Tuition Payment Program, the first payment is due during the month of July. If no payment has been made by that time, the student will not be admitted to Catharine School for the school year unless parents have made special arrangements with the pastor or principal.