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Dress Code

billboard5A uniform code of dress exists to prevent a sense of competitiveness among students regarding dress and to prevent distractions that can result from clothing concerns. When a student chooses to violate the code of dress, he/she is being unfair to those who follow the uniform policy and shows a disregard for school regulations. Students are to be in full uniform during regular school hours on all days unless the principal has designated otherwise. If a student is not in proper uniform, a note will go home. If the warning is ignored, the parents will be called to correct the issue.

Uniform: Can Be Worn During:
Warm Weather Gym Uniform August, September, May, & June
Winter Gym Uniform October Through April
Warm Weather Uniform August, September, May, & June
Regular Uniform August Through June

“Spirit Wear” may not be worn during the school day.

See Dress Code section in the Handbook for further details.