Courses of Study and Common Core Standards flow from the Diocesan Catholic school mission and philosophy. The development of Courses of Study/ Common Core Standards is achieved through input from diocesan educators, the Ohio Department of Education, ongoing evaluation, systematic planning, and articulation. These Courses of Study/ Common Core Standards are based on national and state standards which set the standards for what students are to know and demonstrate. These standards are reviewed and updated on a specifically developed timeline. Instructional programs must flow from and align with these standards. Schools must follow all diocesan Courses of Study/ Common Core Standards.

The diocesan Office of Religious Education develops the Religion Course of Study. All students of St. Catharine School take religious instruction on a daily basis for the diocesan approved amount of minutes per day. In addition, the religious instruction is integrated into secular curriculum courses through instruction and discussion. All teachers of Religion are certified through the diocesan Office of Religious Education and are required to maintain certification. No students attending St. Catharine School may be excused from participation in any classes involving curriculum, liturgies, or prayer services.

For more detailed information on specific curriculum areas visit the the Diocese of Columbus Catholic Schools website.

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