Private: Tuition Information & Rates

St. Catharine School works under a non-traditional tuition structure.  While a different tuition structure, it has been the philosophy of St. Catharine Parish that the school and parish will work with any family who wishes to have a Catholic education for their child.

  • All parents who are active and participating members of St. Catharine Parish receive a parish subsidy amount that offsets the difference between the per-pupil cost and the published tuition rate for each child. This is designated a Level I grant.
  • Parents who are active members of St. Catharine Parish and need additional financial assistance beyond the Level I grant complete a FACTS tuition assistance application form before March 15. Information is sent to all parents regarding the form. The principal of the school receives this information in a spreadsheet and based on the FACTS information, distributes additional tuition assistance funds for those families who indicate need. This is designated as a Level II grant. This FACTS information also qualifies those families for possible additional tuition assistance from the Diocese of Columbus.
  • Parents who are active, participating members of a sending parish without a school (i.e. St. Thomas, St. Mary (Groveport), St. Patrick etc.) also may qualify for additional assistance (Level II grant) but their financial assistance comes from the sending parish after consultation with the individual pastors at each of the sending parishes. The information generated from the FACTS application is given to the individual pastors.  The parents then pay for the published tuition rate/ child.  The difference between the tuition rate and the per-pupil cost is determined through a discussion between the parent of the child and the pastor of the sending parish. The sending parish then sends a check to the school based on the discussion between the pastor and the family.
  • Non-parishioners: See Tuition Rates chart below.

2023-24 Tuition Rates

Cost to Educate $6951
Catholic Rate $6951
Parishioner Rate $6300
Parishioner (2nd-6th child) $5500
Non-Catholic $8323

Payment Plans

  • St. Catharine School is an EdChoice Scholarship Provider
  • There are two payment options available for payment of tuition, whether it is the Non-Parish Tuition or the Participating Tuition.  The first payment option is to pay the amount of tuition in full so that the school or parish office receives it no later than June 2.
  • The second payment option is through the monthly tuition payment option.  Saint Catharine School uses the FACTS Tuition Management as part of our payment service available to you.  The FACTS fee to manage deferred tuition payments is $43.00 per family, regardless of the number of students.  Information on the program can be obtained through the school website.
  • Whether tuition is prepaid or paid through the Monthly Tuition Payment Program, the first payment is due during the month of July. If no payment has been made by that time, the student will not be admitted to St. Catharine School for the school year unless parents have made special arrangements with the pastor or principal.


Delinquent Accounts

Under the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan the school family will immediately incur the fines for delinquent payments as a a bank fee for non-sufficient amount check.  The fees can be very costly to the family.


A $100 non-refundable tuition registration is required at the time of registration. This registration fee is deducted from the total tuition cost. Tuition payments made through FACTS begin in July. If a family registers for St. Catharine School and then chooses not to return to St. Catharine School (after June 10 deadline), they forfeit the following:

  • $100 non-refundable tuition registration (non-refundable)
  • Tuition payments that were made in July and August through the FACTS program ; OR
  • In the case of full tuition payment, tuition for the months of July and August that will be deducted from the original payment.

Of Special Note

  • All current tuition must be paid in full to guarantee enrollment for the next year.
  • Eighth grade students whose accounts are not up to date may not participate in the graduation ceremonies.
  • In accordance with Diocesan Policy #3240.1, permanent records of students whose financial obligations have not been met will be withheld. In addition, without prior arrangements, St. Catharine School will not accept a student whose financial obligation to another Catholic school has not been met.

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