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Special People in Catholic Education (SPICE) is a program to support the education of children with special needs in our parish and school.

SPICE supports the teachers and staff at St. Catharine in their philosophy that every child is special. Our parish and school are committed to serving all of our children.

SPICE served as a means to raise funds, to employ needed personnel, and to support the educational process in whatever area deemed necessary by our pastor or principal.

SPICE brings about discussion and awareness necessary to embrace diversity in our parish and school.

SPICE Grant Request Form

Janet Weisner Spirit of SPICE Scholarship

For 20 years, Mrs. Weisner was a tireless advocate for SPICE and helped further the mission of inclusion into schools across the Columbus Diocese. Her dedication made our school a place where all students’ unique learning needs can be supported and championed. Each year, The Janet Weisner Spirit of SPICE Scholarship will be awarded to an individual 8th grade student who exemplifies virtues like kindness, diligence, and humility. Thank you, Mrs. Weisner, for always being a supporter of Special People in Catholic Education!


SPICE sponsors an annual St. Patrick Day dinner. This year it will be held March 14, 2020.  The event is held in St. Catharine’s School and is a sell out every year.  Great food, entertainment, silent auction, cold beverages and lots of fellowship. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of SPICE and exactly what it is doing, and at the same time to help raise funds to allow SPICE to further its mission.  It is a signature event for the parish, so mark your calendars and plan on attending.


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Diocesan SPICE Gathering – October 5, 2016


spice-photoSt. Catharine SPICE Program recognizes that each of our parish children is a unique individual with different learning needs. The SPICE Program supports serving the educational needs of these children. We believe every child has different learning styles that provide diversity in the classroom environment.

Working together with the support of the SPICE program, the parish community, pastor, administration, teachers, and parents can help to provide understanding, information, creativity and willingness to address special educational needs.


A child with special needs receives more than a formal education when allowed to participate in the learning process with other students.  The emotional and intellectual challenges of the classroom environment provide a well-rounded and stimulating educational experience.

As spice adds flavor to food, so do children with special needs add richness to the classroom – encouraging a dimension of understanding and acceptance in even the youngest students.

The inclusive classroom promotes understanding, compassion and respect for all.  When students work together and learn to appreciate their individual strengths and weaknesses, everyone wins!

What is SPICE Doing?

SPICE creates awareness that members of our parish have special needs. Our parish is an extension of the family, the basic unit of the Catholic Church. Just as parents try to do all they can for their children, our parish family tries to do all that it can for our members.

SPICE creates an atmosphere that supports these students’ needs and creates a model for other parishes within the Diocese and beyond.

SPICE allows our parish community to provide additional funding for the following opportunities:

  • Classroom aides, tutors, & interpreters
  • Speech & occupational therapists
  • Teacher and staff continuing education
  • Classroom support materials and software
  • Individual grants for summer tutoring and specialized programs

Although these extra items are intended for those with special needs, effective instruction of any child enhances the learning of every child.


Fr. Daniel J. Dury – Pastor
Mr. Mark Watts – Principal
Mrs. Marian Knox – Educational Specialist
Mr. Tim Magree – Religious Education
Bob & Mary Ginn Ryan – Chair People


CeCe Kanowsky
Molly Kim
​Melissa Lawrence
Allison Leonard
Pat McJoynt-Griffith
Laura Minnich
​Jenni Remeis
​Justin Santorsola
Marin Santorsola​
Ginna Springer
​Lynn Sweeney