(614) 235-1396 - Elementary | (614) 235-4940 - Preschool


Cafeteria Manager:

Raquel Hazel 
Cell: (614) 477-3000
Cafeteria Phone: 614.725.1977


Cafeteria Policies & Information

Information on Extended Free Lunch Program


Hot Lunch – $3.50
Additional Entrée – $1.00
Additional Fruit and/or Vegetable – $.50
Milk – $.50
Water – $.50

You can add funds to your student’s lunch account by using My School Account

  • My School Account Instructions:
    • Create Account
    • Fill in Parent Information
    • Choose “St Catharine School” from the drop down menu
    • Create a User ID and Password
    • Click “Accept” and then ” Signup”.  A verification email will be sent
    • Your child/ren will receive an ID number from the office

** If you have a child/ren at another school(Bishop Hartley, St. Charles) with My School Account, you will need to have 2 separate accounts**

2020-2021 Free & Reduced Application Packet

**Packers will NOT have the option to purchase milk this year. Milk is Free ONLY if the ENTIRE LUNCH is purchased. Packers will be required to pack a beverage.**

Full Day, Daily Schedule:

 Grade  Lunch Time  Recess Time
 K-1-2  10:40-11:00  11:05-11:25
 3-4-5  11:05-11:25  11:30-11:50
 6-7-8  11:30-11:50  11:55-12:15
SCS Indoor Recess Location Rotation Indoor Recess Location Rotation Lunch Location
K 1/2 Gym Floor/Bleachers Playground Cafeteria
1st 1/2 Gym Floor Blacktop Parish Hall/St. Paul
2nd Bleachers Field Parish Hall/St. Peter
3rd Gym Floor Playground Cafeteria
4th Bleachers or in Room Blacktop Parish Hall/St. Paul
5th Bleachers or in Room Field Parish Hall/St. Peter
6th Gym Floor Playground Cafeteria
7th Bleachers or in Room Blacktop Parish Hall/St. Paul
8th Bleachers or in Room Field Parish Hall/St. Peter

At-Home Option for Lunch and Recess
The addition of recess and lunch during the school day presents some additional safety concerns we are prepared to handle. However, some families may still feel uncomfortable with their children participating in
recess and eating lunch at school. We have decided to temporarily offer the option of allowing parents to pick their children up for recess and lunch.


  • Parents must commit to an At-Home Lunch and Recess option for the month of April, May or both.
  • Parents will need to fill out the Request for Off-Campus Recess & Lunch Period Form by Wednesday, March 31st for the month of April and Wednesday, April 28th for the month of May.
  • Parents will need to designate if that student is walking home of if they will be getting picked up in front of the school. All students will return to school using the front entrance.
  • Students will NOT be permitted to travel to another student’s house to eat lunch, even with parent permission.
  • Students must be picked up and returned by the designated time.
  • Parents with multiple siblings with different recess and lunch times must pick-up and drop-off those students separately at their assigned times and those times may overlap.

Off Campus Lunch Pick-Up Times

Grade Students Must be Picked up by… Students Must be Back by…
K-1-2 11:00 11:40
3-4-5 11:25 12:05
6-7-8 11:50 12:30

Cafeteria Volunteers: St. Catharine is not able to accept volunteers for the cafeteria at this time.

“In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write UDSA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington D.C. 20250-9410.