Special Needs


St. Catharine School strives to meet the individual learning needs of all students.  For students who need extra support, we have Academic Support Plans in place that are developed with the teacher, parent, and intervention teacher. We also work with Columbus City Schools in offering testing for those students who continue to demonstrate academic need in spite of intensive intervention in the classroom.

John Peterson Scholarship

This program funds providers who work with St. Catharine students with an IEP. These providers are tutors, speech therapists, or occupational therapists. They operate at St. Catharine School and are able to collaborate with the classroom teachers in supporting learning and providing intervention.

SPICE – Special People in Catholic Education

This program provides financial support for students who learn differently.  These funds can provide different classroom materials, additional tutoring support, teacher in-services, Occupational Therapy and Speech assessments.

Tutoring Resources

Through the St. Catharine School SPICE (Special People in Catholic Education) program, the school is able to “offset” a portion of tutoring costs. All tutors must be provided by, recommended by, or approved by St. If interested in receiving assistance with tutoring costs, please complete a SPICE Tutor Request form by contacting the school at 614.235.1396.

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