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Gym Uniforms

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Chair:  Pat McJoynt-Griffith

Timing:  Entire School Year

Need a new gym uniform item and can’t make it to the uniform store?  See the pictures below for the items we sell throughout the year – price & sizes are listed by each item.

Interested in spirit items? Visit the Spirit Store page for more information.

To order or for questions, contact Pat McJoynt-Griffith, pamgemail@gmail.com.

2021-22 Gym Uniform Order Form

Make all checks payable to St. Catharine Home & School

Delivery: Orders are generally delivered to the student at school.  If you require other delivery instructions, please contact Pat McJoynt-Griffith, pamgemail@gmail.com.

Please Note:  Annually, at the end of the school year, we request orders which will be delivered by the start of the next school year.  Otherwise, we keep a limited supply of sizes throughout the school year.  By ordering at the end of the school year, you are guaranteed that we will have your size; therefore, this is the best time to order.