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Love of Neighbor In Action

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January 30, 2017

Clearly our students were inspired by hearing the speakers discuss the enormous needs of the people of Haiti, because this year’s Penny War during Catholic Schools Week was especially competitive and hugely successful! Even the preschoolers participated in the fun event, and, like the rest of the students, brought in pennies for their class jar and larger denominations to “sabotage” other classes. Last week, St. Catharine School was so pleased to present a check for $2,367.10 to representatives from the Haiti after-school program. The program serves approximately 150 children in the poorest areas of Haiti by providing a snack and a safe shelter for the kids to go after school. They were so thrilled with the tremendous generosity shown by our school that the program will be named in honor of our patroness, St. Catharine. Thank you to all who participated, and special congratulations to the 5th graders who earned FunFest wristbands by winning the Penny War! Your enthusiasm, generosity, and compassion for the needs of others are what make the St. Catharine School community so special!