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St. Catharine School Playground Fund

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St. Catharine School wishes to construct a playground on St. Catharine Parish grounds to serve the school, parish, and surrounding local community in the Fall, 2019.  Due to a parish construction project and outdated playground equipment, the previous playground was removed and therefore no playground exists on the parish/school property.  To accomplish this goal,  the school aspires to raise the necessary funds to purchase new equipment for a beautiful, full-service playground that will meet the needs of our parish, school, and the community surrounding the parish and school and to install the new playground adjacent to the St. Catharine Athletic fields.

Our playground will:

Provide a community space: St. Catharine is located on a border between Columbus and Bexley. For many students and families who live contiguously to the parish and school, there is no formal park or play area.

Provide an active multi-age space that will accommodate the youngest of our children in the community and create inviting and challenging elements for older children in the school and community as well.

Provide a special needs vision: The creation of a welcoming, inclusive active play structure for children of varying physical, social, emotional, and sensory needs.

Come Play With Us! Playground Fundraiser & Equipment Video

Interested In Supporting the Playground Fund?

You can donate 3 ways:

  1. Donate any amount by clicking on the Give NOW! button,which will direct you to PayPal, or completing the Pledge Form and returning it to St. Catharine Parish Office, 500 S. Gould Rd., Columbus, OH 43209.  If you would like to give a little more and help cover the costs associated with processing your credit card payment, please add 3% to your gift.

  2. Underwrite “The Underwood” to honor Mrs. Mary Underwood for her 40 years of service to St. Catharine School.  More Information…
  3. Pool funds with your St. Catharine School graduating class by crowdfunding a $500 or greater gift to the playground so that your class can be recognized on the Playground Honor Roll. Use the Alumni PayPal link & indicate your graduating class year.  If your class is not listed in the drop-down options, contact the Parish Office at 614.231.4509.

For donations $500 and above, you have the opportunity to be permanently listed on the Playground Honor Roll.  Please use the Pledge Form to indicated how you would like to be listed. 

Questions? – Contact Patricia Schindler