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Homework – Spanish – Mrs. Carmon

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To print the homework or to see a LIST OF VOCABULARY WORDS please go to our class website:


I will be available for any student who needs help during lunch for middle school students, and from 3:00 – 3:30 on Thursday and Friday in the Spanish classroom. If needed, I can also be available on other days (just let me know in advance).

Grades 4-8

Students in  Grades 4-8 will typically have two homework assignments each week (one given out in class on Thursday or Friday) and one given out by their teacher on Monday). Students in Grades 5-8 will also have a Duolingo assignment each week – to earn 20 points in our online classroom. We will have a short, 7 question quiz each week, based entirely on the vocabulary in the homework.

 Students in Grades 4-8 will also create a Spanish binder that they will continue to use each year. It is organized by Chapters in our Así se dice Spanish book. In each section (Chapter) of the binder, they can find worksheets from that chapter, a vocabulary sheet, and graphic organizers for the topics covered in that chapter. This  year Grade 4 will work in Chapters 1-2, Grades 5-6 in Chapters 3-4, and Grades 7-8 in Chapters 4-5.

 Students in Grades 4-8 learn traditional Catholic prayers in Spanish, have a Saint from Spain or Latin America each week, and have opportunities to learn about the cultures of Spain and Latin America in every chapter.

Grade 3

Students in Grade 3 will explore Spanish through themed units in the first half of the year: classroom vocabulary, colors, animals, etc. We will also explore the country of Mexico this year, looking at the culture, landmarks, traditions, and more. In January, Grade 3 will begin Spanish 1. (More about that later!)

Grades K-2

Students in grades K-2 will also explore Spanish through themed units: classroom vocabulary, colors, animals, clothing, numbers, body parts, etc. There are often songs and stories in Spanish that will help us learn more about each unit. We sing a prayer to Jesusito each class and learn about a Saint from Spain or Latin America. Grades K-2 will also explore the country of Mexico this year, looking at the culture, landmarks, traditions, and more.